CANDY III – Climax

Not even a flippant hello from him since that night, I thought as I sat on my apartment patio two nights later oblivious to the fact that I’d read the same page of my novel over and over again. Who was I kidding? All I could see on those pages was the look in his eyes when he erupted inside me and the image of our bodies mashed up in the heat of passion. And that growl; it kept ringing over and over in my mind.

After our quick bout of fucking, we’d parted ways with nothing else but a light kiss on the lips. He had thrown back a “see you later” with a sliver of a smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he walked off to his own car. In order not to seem too clingy I’d brushed it off with my own silence and had driven off.

God, Femi. What have you done to me? I’m supposed to be more in control. I call the shots! So why am I suddenly noticing a void within and even more in this apartment? Wait. Am i actually missing him??
Uh uh missy. You’re not! You just have too much time on your hands that’s all. Take a long, late swim, get a drink and relax. You’ll be just fine, I muttered to myself.

Just when I was done changing into my two-piece and heading out into the hallway, I heard a shuffling noise behind my front door. I panicked, rushed back into my bedroom and grabbed the first thing I could lay hands on for a weapon; the letter opener on my dresser. I slowly edged towards the door and peeked through the peep-hole but saw nothing.
Now completely ready to freak out at the sound which wouldn’t stop I considered calling security. But a lack of better judgment and curiosity moved me to investigate myself. I slowly turned the door handle without taking the chain link off just so I could still ensure some security and also have enough room to look out through the crack without risking anything. With the weapon in my left hand ready to attack I inched my head forward slightly. As far as I could see, there was nothing else but darkness down the hallway.
Nope. This was certainly something I didn’t want to investigate further. Still a bit uneasy about what had caused that noise, I decided to just lock up and stay safe. That swim can wait.

I had barely closed the door when a hand shot out and prevented it from closing followed by a voice;
“You really know how to ruin a surprise. You could have at least stepped out so I could grab that fine ass”.

Recognizing his voice, I took the chain link off and threw the door open to find Femi standing in the hallway, looking like he’d been out running. Even in loose, low-riding cotton running pants, a well-worn T-shirt with trimmed sleeves and trainers, he was too darn sexy to even look at. He stepped through the open door and got close enough to hold my lips shut. I flushed instantly. Unconsciously I had left my mouth slightly open out of disbelief that he was standing right there. It was as though all my thoughts of him had somehow conjured him into reality.

“The surprise wasn’t ruined at all…” I finally managed to let out. He smiled broadly and swooped me into a full-bodied, tight hug with one arm around my waist and the other caressing my scalp through my loose twists. Lord even his sweat smells divine, I thought unashamedly. With eyes closed I fixed a hand beneath his tee, caressing him slightly just above his pants.

“I see someone has missed Femi”, he mocked.
Feigning offense, I pulled away to arm’s length to give him a stern look but he pulled me right back into his embrace with such roughness that he knocked the air right out of me when I hit his rock, hard chest. His rough handling hardened my nipples, and he felt it. He kicked the open door behind him shut with his foot and leaned on it.

“Going swimming?” he asked, with his lips dangerously close to mine, arms still holding my body firmly in place against his.

“I was bored” I breathed.

“Bored, on a Friday night? Oh my, that’s dreadful! Looks like we have to fix that immediately madam!”

The glint of mischief in his eyes and the smile playing around his lips suggested he was enjoying every bit of the tease and also told me there was way too much coming my way that night. After what had happened in my office I couldn’t put much past him; he was certainly up to something and I couldn’t wait to find out. I wanted him inside once again and I realized his thoughts mirrored mine as I felt him growing bigger beneath the cotton fabric of his pants.

He moved away from the door and gestured for me to lead the way in. I made sure I gave him enough to look at as I sashayed into the living room, causing the sheer chiffon sarong tied around my waist to open up against my thigh, revealing a lot of skin. He followed so closely that I could feel a whiff of his breath on my bare back.

“Would you like to have a drink?” I asked as he sat at the edge of the chair I pointed to.

“Yes please. I’d like that very much” he responded, but with a pointed look at the “V” between my thighs which travelled slowly up my belly, my breasts and finally to my eyes.
“Relax babe, I’m not gonna drink you dry,” and with that burst out laughing. Seeing the confusion on my face he explained in between attempts at catching his breath: “your face…you looked like I was about to drink up your blood or something…oh boy…I really do love teasing you!”

He stood up suddenly and grabbed me again but this time into a searing kiss; his tongue hard and fast against my mouth, darting in and out with skill. He bit on my bottom lip slowly, flicked his tongue over it lightly and darted in with his tongue again.

Just as quickly as he’d started he stopped, drew back and looked into my eyes.
“I need a favour,” he breathed against my lips.

“…uhuh” I responded, still reeling from the urgency and intensity of the kiss.

He took my hand and placed it on his steely hard member “I need a cold shower…badly. Otherwise madam, I’m afraid I’ll rip you apart and not give a damn about the consequences. May I…?”

His honesty and bluntness shocked and drove me wild at the same time. I felt like screaming “Rip me all the way up daddy!!” But instead all my lips could muster were;

“M..may you what…? O, the bath!…ok, sure. It’s this way”. As I led the way, I kept wishing I could join him in the shower, to tease and torment him the same way he had in my office two days before. Frankly though, I didn’t think I had the balls to.
He started peeling off his sweaty gear as soon as he stepped into the bathroom, not bothering to excuse himself from my presence.

“I know you love to watch. Enjoy”, he said with a wink.

“Umm towels…sorry I have to get you a fresh one. Just a second”, and rushed out to the laundry room.

A million possibilities of what could happen in the bathroom upon my return run through my mind as I searched frantically for a clean one. I’m just going to hand it in from the doorway and leave, I thought. That shouldn’t be so hard.

I knocked on the bathroom door once and called out. No response. I knocked twice more.
“Femi? Hello? I got the towels. Can you just come to the door a second and take it?”
There was still no response. I waited a bit more and decided to open the door. I peeked in discreetly but it was all quiet in there. From the looks of it he certainly wasn’t in the shower cubicle. I wonder where he is, I mused. But soon enough I had my answer as I felt a presence behind me.

Not daring to turn around, I stood still and waited. I heard his soft yet confident steps draw closer and felt his arm around my waist as his breath got warmer against my ear. But that wasn’t what took my breath away; it was his hard length pressing into the small of my back as he drew me into his body. He was stark naked.

“Drop the towels, take off the swimsuit and get into the shower. Now. I won’t say it twice”, he breathed low and deep, into my ear.

He got into the cubicle and watched me carry out his orders. Like a zombie with eyes fixated on his, I got naked and climbed in, facing him with a look of defiance but crumbling from nerves and desire inside. He turned me around sharply and run his hands down my arms and hips, paused at my woman parts and pushed me against the glass of the cubicle. With my breasts pressed against it he let his tongue do a seductive dance with my right ear, sending moist waves dripping around my clit. He begun rubbing my slightly engorged clit gently at first, then faster, only allowing the tempo to recede when he realized I was close to cumming.

“Not just yet missy. You’re only allowed to explode with me throbbing inside, not before,” words spoken as though he could read my mind and what I wanted there and then.

“Femi…please…” I begged, clawing at the glass as tremors of pleasure seeped in and out of my body with each different tempo dictated by his skillful fingers. I moaned over and over and tried to reach out behind me to caress his length; to torture him as well, but he grasped my hand and locked it firmly between his and the glass; an act of warning not to try and dictate how this goes.

With one last slide of the fingers deep inside he exited and turned me around to face him, gripped the sides of my face and planted a slow seductive kiss on my lips. Oh how I loved kissing him. His left hand expertly found its way to my buttocks and firmly gripped it as he pressed his hardness against my moist core, teasing its entrance. I moaned against his lips, begging for him to just end the torture and dive in.
He ended the kiss with a sensual tug on my bottom lip and got on his knees before me.

“Part those babies for me,” he said, as he adjusted his head so he could savor me. His tongue made a quick entrance, flicking in and out and over my clit in succession. This time I dictated the tempo and depth as I held and pushed his head in deeper. And he loved every bit of his drink till the very end when I could hardly stand anymore; knees quivering and hands searching for something to hold on to which only ended up banging against the glass.

“As promised, I didn’t drink you dry did I?” he smirked, not taking his eyes off my breasts.
“Time to get wet baby” and with that turned on the water. He reached for the shower gel next, ordered me to turn around and lathered up my breasts, circling my nipples and tugging at them. He lathered up my whole body, rubbed and stroked every inch of it till he was satisfied with his exploration and washed me down.

“Your turn to do your worst ma’am” he smirked again, daring me to show what I was capable of. And oh did I show him! I knew just what to aim for and I did justice to it. With gel in hand I smeared my hands over his taut shoulders and arms, his well-carved chest, down to his groin where I paused and cast a side-long glance at his face.

It was expectant, and I delivered.

With his length covered in lather I stroked slowly, and toyed with his balls simultaneously. He moved beneath the blast of the water then and allowed it to wash off the soap, an obvious attempt to sabotage the torture I was dishing out.
With his eyes closed, I took the opportunity to get on my knees and swallowed him up, taking him off guard.

“What the f***!” he exclaimed as I pushed his member deep into my throat and out again, teased the tip with my tongue and licked off some pre-cum as though it was candy.
I let my fingers toy around his perineum as I sucked and licked little Femi in succession, driving him nuts. He gripped my hair so hard it felt as though my scalp would rip off but I continued the torture till I could hear his breath shortening, a sure signal of near climax.

Then I stopped.

With eyes now filled with pent up desire and denied climax, he shut the water off and pulled me up with such force I almost lost my balance. His face just inches from mine and hot breath on my face he let out a warning;

“You don’t do that to me and get away with it. Never.”

Next thing I knew, my back hit the rear glass of the cubicle, his hand hauled my left leg up onto his thigh, and his thrusts followed. He gripped my neck and pushed harder and harder inside, while I gasped for breath and clawed on his back. At this point the heat from both our bodies had effectively been replaced with sheer layers of sweat.

He hoisted me up fully so I could wrap my legs around his hips and guided the movement of my buttocks, gliding my moistness and wrapping my lips around his phallus. He groaned long and deep and kissed me long and hard, biting on my lips intermittently.

He held me firmly in place with one arm, slid the door of the cubicle open, stepped out and made his way into the hall, with his member still throbbing inside. With skill I didn’t think possible he lowered me onto the bare floor without losing his place inside me and hovered over me staring deep into my eyes.

With arms on either side of my head he plunged in again and again, sucked on my nipples and bit on my earlobes, and intentionally avoided my lips which craved the taste of his.
He raised me up into a saddling position and allowed me to straddle him. We moved together in sweet rhythm, face to face, drinking in the passion our eyes beheld for each other. The tempo increased and pushed us both into crashing climax, bodies clinging on to each other tightly.

“Damn,” he breathed into my hair. “I can’t have enough Dee…what have you done to me??” he asked with a probing stare.

“You can have more…” I replied breathlessly.

The corner of his lips turned up slowly in an evil smile and he shoved me back onto the cold floor. But I didn’t mind at all. I just wanted more; more of it all. He turned me around and raised my hips high before him.

“God Dela. Your body…it’s driving me nuts!”

He traced his hand sensuously along the contours of my body, from my derriere to my shoulders and paused at my neck. He lowered himself slightly and trailed feather-light kisses along my back.

“Sorry honey. But I may have to rip you apart after all”, and shocked me with his signature thrust but this time, from behind, legs spread apart for maximum penetration.

I screamed from both pleasure and pain and tried to move but he held me in place with a firm grip on my neck. He continued thrusting hard and deep relentlessly, using my screams as a fuel to push even harder. He fondled my breasts and moved next to toy with my clit with his free hand, driving me insane.

“Femi!!” I called repeatedly as he ripped through with brute force. He held onto my ass much tighter for control, and pulled me upright.

“Cum with me baby,” he growled.

With a few more deep thrusts he brought us both to the edge of ecstasy, sweat dripping and glistening on our bodies.
He collapsed onto his back, drawing me along with him. He wrapped one leg around mine, stroked my hair and placed a light kiss on my temple.

“Now your Friday isn’t so boring is it?” he teased.

I smiled slowly and listened to his heartbeat normalize till we fell asleep, tangled up in each other’s arms.



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